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Training Classes

Does your dog need some basic training? Need to polish up on one or more of the basics? Then why not book onto our training courses.

We run Basic/foundation classes as well as KC Good Citizen Bronze, Silver and Gold classes/tests in conjunction with Kingston Veterinary Group, as well as classes in Driffield and also flyball classes at Weel, Beverley.

New for 2014

Dog training classes at St Micheals and All Saints Church Hall, Hull

Classes are held on a Friday evening at 6.30pm (basic class) and 7.45pm (Wag It Games Class) and cost 80 for an 8 week course. 

Basic class is suitable for puppies and adult dogs

Comprehensive handouts provided. Designed for all the family and to be fun for you and your dog. Essential skills are taught (such as loose lead walking and recall) as well as socialisation to sounds and teaching your dog impulse control.

For a registration form, please email

Wag It Games class (new to the UK)

This class is for those dogs that already have the basics and wish to continue their training. The class will include aspects from Shadow Skills, Obstacle skills, Sniff-It Skills and Dog Ball. The aim is fun fun fun


Flyball classes at Cottingham all year round (Monday afternoons and either a Saturday or Sunday) and at Weel, Beverley in conjunction with Wagtails dog training (Thursday evenings only summer only)

Flyball is a fast growing sport that is basically a relay race. Dogs compete in teams going over a series of jumps, collecting a ball and coming back over the jumps. Great fun for both dogs and handlers. If you have a dog that is ball mad and has a good recall, then flyball may well be the sport for you. Dogs must be over 8 months of age to join the class (older for large and giant breeds of dog)

To book email us now on There are currently spaces for our Cottingham classes

All classes use modern motivational training methods and are based on rewarding good behaviour and distracting the dog from carrying out inappropriate behaviour.




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