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 Behavioural Consultations

Is you dog chewing the house up when you go out? or howling and barking whilst you are out? Perhaps your dog is barking and lunging at people or dogs or is fearful of fireworks.

If you dog has any of these issues then you require a home visit so that a behavioural consultation can be carried out.

What happens during a behavioural consultation?

A home visit is arranged where we will want to talk to the whole family as well as meeting your dog. If your dog (or any other dog in the household) has issues with people entering your house, then you will be asked to put the dog in a different room whilst we get settled.

The visit will last around 2 hours and we will be asking you a lot of questions, some of which you may wonder why we are asking them. The aim is to gather as much background information on the dog, the household and your interactions as well as any changes that may have occurred recently, etc. Having all of this information will enable us to get to the root of the problem and to devise a behaviour modification programme. All information is strictly confidential.

What happens next?

Once we gathered the background information and case history, you will be given some short term strategies for you to implement for the next week. Within 10 days, you will receive a detailed behavioural report and modification programme which will detail why your dog has this problem and how we intend to resolve it.

Detailed instructions for each technique will be provided.


In some instances (usually with aggression cases) we will carry out a second visit to ensure that you understand all of the information you have been given, and show you how to implement the training. This is included in the price.

Additional support is available by phone and email throughout your dog's modification programme at no additional cost.

Desensitising a dog to being touched by strangers by using a fake hand.

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