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1-2-1 Dog Training and Behavioural Services


1-2-1 Training Sessions

Sessions are held in your own home and are an hour in length. Your dog will need to have been exercised briefly before we arrive so that it has emptied but not so much that your dog will be tired. Training sessions are mentally tiring for a dog, so we don't want him physically tired before the session.

The sessions will cover basic training (sit, down, come when called, leave, fetch, stay, walking on a loose lead and sit to greet). Additional skills can be trained on request.

We show you how to train your dog and coach you through the process. You'll be given written handouts to assist you. You will need to practise between sessions. It is normally suggest that you book a full course of 6 lessons, having a week's interval between sessions so that you can practise with your dog.

Archer and Caz demonstrating a sit in front after a recall.

Faith, Leon and Tank practising their stays.

If your dog is fully trained but is having a problem grasping one of the behaviours above, then a single or double session may be all that you require.

Cost 30 per session

Sessions are carried out within the Hull and East Holderness regions. We can cover other areas by arrangement but this may incur additional travelling costs at 25p per mile.

We can also train your dog for you, this will involve twice weekly visits for at least 4 weeks where we will take your dog out for an hour (or may work it in your house/garden). Once the dog is trained we will then show you how to get the dog to work for you.

This service costs 200



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